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Vegetarian Dishes
served w/ rice, pickle, raitha & papad
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Vegetarian Dishes
Aloo Gobi
Potato & cauliflower cooked in savory sauce

Aloo Palak
Potato & spinach cooked in aromatic sauce


Chana Masala
Garbanzo beans cooked in exotic spices


Dal Masala
Lentils cooked with spices


Vegetable Korma
Mixed vegetables cooked in coconut sauce


Palak Panner
Indian Cottage cheese cooked with pureed spinach & spices


Palak Tofu
Tofu Cooked with pureed Spinach and Spices


Mutter Paneer
Indian cottage cheese & green peas cooked in savory sauce



Paneer Butter Masala
Indian cottage cheese cooked in a silky smooth tomato based gravy


Bhindi Masala
Okra cooked in spice


Chana Palak
Garbanzo beans & spinach cooked with spices


Eggplant Masala
Eggplant cooked in spices


Mushroom Palak
Mushroom & spinach cooked in savory sauce


Mushroom Masala
Mushroom cooked in savory onion and tomato sauce


Gobi Manchurian
Indo-Chinese dish with fried cauliflower in savory sauce


Kerala Special Avial
Mixed vegetables cooked with coconut & spices


Fresh vegetable sorted with Green Beans / Cabbage & coconut